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In English, please!

Ånimskog is a relatively large parish in the small province Dalsland in the western parts of Sweden, situated just between lake Vänern and Norway.

“Föreningen för hembygsforskning i Ånimskog” (The association for local history research in Ånimskog) constitutes a small non-profit association, with members from various parts of Sweden, now mainly working on a book covering the villages to the east of lake Ånimmen. This book will be the successor of two previously released books about Ånimskog.

The association is actively gathering and compiling all kinds of information concerning the Ånimskog district and people. The association’s homepage comprises a selection of information concerning villages and people as well as various registers, transcripts and photos.

What assistance can we get from a visitor?
We gratefully accept biographies, photos, letters, published articles, papers, tip-offs regarding useful links, findings in archives etc, i.e. most anything concerning Ånimskog. We are also interested in information regarding people who have left the parish.

Postal address:
Föreningen för hembygdsforskning i Ånmskog
c/o Lars Lundin
Drängseredsvägen 74
448 35 Floda

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